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Value Ent.
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Data Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped
Line Speed 1mbps up/down 2mbps up/down 4mbps down/2mbps up 6mbps Down
3mbps Up
8mbps Down
4mbps Up
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Always on Wireless broadband internet.

VOIP telephone services for your office and home.

Wirelessly connect your branches together.


MyWifi provides Polokwane and the entire Capricorn District with a world class wireless solution including state of the art VOIP services that costs a fraction of your usual Telkom telephony costs.With a small initial investment you can be on the internet in a blink of an eye.


  • Mywifi-isp is proud to now offer installations within 24 hours of sign-up (T & C apply)

  • Mywifi-isp now provides more services to our customers

    We now provide virus and malware removal/prevention, setting up networks(wired and wireless), Computer and printer setup and configuration 
  • Mywifi-ISP now provides all packages as uncapped and unshaped a first in Polokwane!

Why Us

Raising The Standards

We started small but we are dreaming big. We are the perfect partner in your business or home to provide with world class communication services. We currently provide all our customers with a 1 to 1 contention ratio which is unheard of in our market

Steps For The Future

We are striving to give our clients ever better support, to be quick and effecient. We are expanding every day and are planning to expand to surrounding areas of Polokwane and more in the Capricorn district. If you are not in our coverage area please let us know so we can plan our services better for the future.